• RoSS™ is a portable, stand-alone Robotic Surgery Simulator that teaches novice surgeons the motor and cognitive skills required for operating the da Vinci© surgical robot.
  • The RoSS™ uses virtual reality to introduce the user to the fundamentals of robot-assisted surgery. It boasts a multi-level curriculum, designed with various levels of difficulty, that takes the user through and teaches the required skills for effectively advancing robotic surgery abilities.
  • RoSS™ is the only robotic surgery simulator featuring full-length surgical procedures in 3D, otherwise known as HoST.
  • RoSS™ is portable, so novice surgeons are able to practice and train without using valuable OR space and time.

Features & Benefits

  • Portable, stand-alone console can be setup anywhere.
  • Integrated management system stores metrics for all users and tasks performed.
  • HoST (Hands-on Surgical Training) modules use actual surgical cases for unparalleled realism.
  • Adjustability and usability customizable to each user.
  • Proven track record of mechanical and electrical reliability.
  • Ergonomically adjustable to each user.

Hardware & Software

  • RoSS™ is a Robotic Surgery Simulator which uses virtual reality to introduce the user to the operation and feel of a robotic surgical console. RoSS™ has been validated by leading surgeons in order to be realistic in its design and provide a realistic experience compared to experience like that of working on the da Vinci© System master console.
  • Ross™ is equipped with an advanced software suite specifically designed for novice surgeons to navigate the virtual world of robotics. Surgeons are able to learn and adapt to the feel and functions of the da Vinci© Surgical System master console.
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