Robotic Surgery Simulator


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Robotic surgery simulator

Providing safe, practical, and efficient robot-assisted surgery training to novice surgeons, reducing surgical error and making robot-assisted surgery possible.


Robotic Surgery Simulator

The RoSS uses virtual reality to teach the fundamental skills of robotic surgery—with a validated curriculum, high fidelity graphics, and haptics—all in a stand-alone system.
RoSS Lite II

Portable Surgical Simulator

Portable, compact and affordable—the RoSS Lite II provides an effective, high-quality training solution for robotic surgery packed  in a convenient, military-grade case.

Hands-on Surgical Training

HoST is a proprietary software suite that uses haptics and recorded surgeries performed on the da Vinci to teach the operative steps of real procedures.

Simulation Training Module

The RoSS curriculum has been validated by some of the world’s leading robotic surgeons and includes 16 simulation training modules with varying degrees of difficulty.

Hands-on Simulation Training

Ground-breaking, virtual-reality technology developed with haptics for an immersive learning environment—only available on the RoSS systems. Learn hands-on simulation training for radical prostatectomy or hysterectomy, plus 16 fundamental surgical skills like tissue cutting and knot tying.

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Scientific papers on RoSS simulation system in peer-reviewed journals,
publications, and conferences.

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Articles validating the effectiveness of robotic surgery simulators.

See WHAT our CLIENTS are SAYing

Dr. Neelima Lakshmikanth
KIMS Hospital
Consult Gynecologist

[after completing the robot-assisted surgery training course at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY]
I am grateful and thrilled to inform that I have done my first robotic hysterectomy three days after my arrival from your training program. The Ross has been of great help in understanding the robotic principles.

Dr. Joseph Barone
Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center New Brunswick, NJ

Training with the RoSS is going well. The residents are actually using it without encouragement, which is unusual for a simulator.

Dr. Ronney Abaza
OSU Medical Center & James Cancer Hospital Ohio
Director of Robotic Urologic Surgery

The HoST system is nothing less than a game-changer in the world of surgical education. Why nobody thought of it before is hard to fathom in hindsight.

Dr. Neal Seymour
Baystate Simulation Center & Surgical Skills Lab

It’s amazing how similar it is to the da Vinci console!

Dr. Ellen Brock
OBGYN and Medical Director Center for Human Simulation & Patient Safety Virginia Commonwealth University
Associate Professor

The Ross simulator allows our residents to become proficient at the robotic console outside the OR. Residents are better able to focus on critical elements of the surgery when they are not attempting mastery of the console at the same time. Skills practice on the RoSS simulator has quickly become a key part of our surgery training.


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